Polina Rassadina Character Dance Teacher
• Character teacher of the Vaganova Academy
• Former character roles soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre
• Graduated as a teacher and artist from the Vaganova Academy 
Due to her spectacular curriculum and teaching experience Polina is the best representative of professional ballet environment to transmit Character Dance.

Polina is also a tutor and lecturer in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg, as well as character dance soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre, considered one of the leading ballet theaters.

Her work in our intensiveы marked a turning point in our students. This discipline is vital and crucial for a ballet artist. It has its origin and development in Russia but in Europe unfortunately there are not many well formed specialists. Dance character usually marks a fundamental difference between one dancer and another, and can even decide their fate.

During the Russian Masters courses Polina teaches Character Dance to all professional groups.

Some notes about her professional activity:
Polina was born in St. Petersburg. In 1994 she graduated from the Vaganova Academy in the class of NATALIA DUDINSKAYA y ALISA STROGOYA, prominent legends in the history of ballet.
Between 1994 and 1996 - Polina was a soloist in the ballet company "Ballet Camara".
Since 1996 Polina Rassadina has been working in the ballet company of the Mariinsky Theatre.
In 2008 she received the title of "professor and tutor of ballet" in the Pedagogical Faculty at the Vaganova Academy.
And from 2012 Polina combines her work at the Mariinsky Theatre with her work as a character dance teacher.

More information on Vaganova Academy website.
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