Russian Masters Ballet is a leader organization on intensive training and the promotion of young talents within the highest professional excellency in classical dance. Using the Vaganova Methodology, world widely recognized as the best teaching approach in ballet, Russian Masters has achieved to take stand as the international referent in intensive classical ballet courses thanks to its quality and compromise.
Russian Masters Ballet mission is to bring together the most excellent formation in classical dance to students all over the globe. We look forward to offering the best opportunities and to facilitate the development towards a professional future for every student that with his/her hard work and effort shows a true compromise, regardless of their economic possibilities. Our aim is to eliminate social and economic boundaries that, occasionally, make inaccessible vocational education of ballet. We always use the Vaganova Method as fundamental support on which we base the most exquisite technique and style.
Mastery Comes From The Inside!
When seeking Mastery, we are tempted to refer to external circumstances. But the power and dedication we need to reach our goals is already inside us.

We Are Our Actions!
We tend to think that our lives mainly depend on factors beyond our control. But the equation happens in reverse. To achieve greatness, we must fully embrace responsibility for our own actions and admit the power that is given to each of us.

Together We Are One!
Support and help come when you support and help people around you. We are family and we care about each other.

Dance At Each Step!
The path to Mastery can sometimes be long and tough. But it becomes way shorter and enjoyable when you do everything with passion, when you dare to dance and appreciate what comes along the way.

Thank You, Body!
From the moment you were born to the last day of your life, you’ll have your best friend with you. Every day it helps you to express yourself and supports you no matter what. This friend is your Body. Treat it well!

To complement our training programs, RMB has been developing since its origins activities and initiatives in order to help beyond academics. By means of our available resources and our networking in the professional ballet world, we put all of our passion and our soul in helping young talents to achieve their dreams.

On the basis of orientation and advising all the students that need it, at any time of their studies or professional career, we help every student individually to find the best way towards their goals.
More than fifty students have accomplished to enter the best schools and ballet companies in the world thanks to the help of RMB and to the auditions and events with guest artistic directors.
RMB counts on a scholarship program of our own. In the same way, institutions, particular people and artists like Polina Semionova and Ivan Zaytsev, collaborate sponsoring the future apprenticeship of talented students. You can support the future of our young talents here.
It is crucial in order to achieve success to count on the orientación and advice of experts in ballet training. That is why we compromise ourselves to counsel our pupils always in an honest and selfless way, with the excellency and professionalism that characterizes us.
At the end of each course we perform a fundraising gala with great guest stars from the principal theatres of the world, bringing our students the unique possibility to share the stage with their idols in front of more than 1000 people in the audience.
Stars Gala