Yulia Kasenkova Teacher
Teacher at  Vaganova Ballet Academy
Coach at Mikhailovsky Ballet Theatre
Former soloist dancer at Mariinsky Ballet Theatre
Yulia Kasenkova is an acclaimed teacher at the Vaganova Academy, outstanding because of all her achievements in such a short career.

Yulia Kasenkova graduated from Vaganova Ballet Academy, and joined the Mariinsky Ballet Company as a soloist from 1993 to 2014. She received a teaching degree from Vaganova Academy in 2010, and was immediately hired as a coach by Mikhailovsky Theatre. She joined Vaganova Academy in 2013, teaching international trainees, before being promoted in 2014. She has been teaching upper school classes ever since.

Yulia has only been teaching for 7 years, but she has already received major awards for her work and achieved some great results with her students. It is such a privilege to have this gifted teacher in our faculty.
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