Esther Schiffman Selechnik - RMB nutritionist
POSTED ON15.03.2023
Nutrition is a very important issue for dancers. We train a lot, increasing technique and muscles, and very often being obsessed and passionate we simply forget about healthy and proper way of eating.

Esther Schiffman Selechnik @nutriologaesthers is a professional nutritionist, certified professor specialized in applied nutrition, obesity and comorbidity.

During our Summer intensive courses she will cover topics such as:
  • Nutrition and dance
  • Nutritional strategies to face the hormonal changes of adolescence
  • How to increase muscle mass in a healthy way?
  • Strategies to lower our children's anxiety on food issues.

Esther Schiffman Selechnik has extensive experience in private practice, with more than 18 years of work in Mexico City, with the objective of improving the nutritional state and health of her clients and also strengthening health of sports/dance professionals in nutrition issues.
She is a professor for undergraduate and graduate students at the UIA for more than 10 years. Passionate about sharing her knowledge based on evidence and bringing people closer to having a healthy relationship with food.

Ms. Schiffman Selechnik is a part of the Nutrinet-Mexico Project (2016-2026), developed by the Franco-Mexican Foundation for IAP Medicine. In addition, she is a certified Educator (2017) in the treatment of childhood obesity, by the Association “Children in Motion” ANEM, Vall d´Hebrón University, Barcelona.

We welcome Esther Schiffman Selechnik at our summer intensive courses.
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