POSTED ON22.11.2020
Russian Masters Ballet is always unbelievably proud of its students, who managed to achieve dreamy aims.

Our beautiful student Alisa Garkavenko @alisa___gar started to study at the Vaganova Academy.

Her mom sent us a message:
“It was a long way to the threshold of the Academy of Russian Ballet... But, Alisa was lucky, because along this road she was led by wonderful teachers, who always supported and guided her.
The first steps in ballet were made in the choreographic collective "Kiyanochka" under the direction of Galina and Dmitry Kaigorodov. And the first teacher was Ksenia M. Istomina.
Then was the art school # 2 and "Yaroslavna" by Konstantin and Irina Gordiychuk. There Alisa got the idea to make ballet her profession.
She was supported by the teacher Irina A. Cherednichenko, who helped to prepare Alisa for the Kiev Choreographic School.
And a new page started. Alisa entered the class of the teacher Galina M. Pankova. It turned out to be great luck! Today Galina Mikhailovna is the most important person in Alisa’s ballet life.
Alisa was lucky to meet and make friends with wonderful and talented people: Honored Artists of Ukraine Olga Kifyak and Natalia Lazebnikova. For Alisa, they became good fairies, who opened the world of theater to her.
The decision to enter the Academy was influenced by the summer internships of the Russian Masters Ballet, which Alisa attended in Alicante and St. Petersburg. These internships and intensive studies at the school (and at this time Alisa was already in the class of Marina Y. Dobryakova) allowed her in November 2019 to take part in the YAGP 2020 competition and take 1st place in the Senior category. As a result, Alisa was invited to 8 ballet schools. But, having visited only a few of them (due to COVID-19), and after much thought, Alisa came to the final decision: if you study ballet, then only in the Vaganova!
And now the dream has come true!”

Alisa, we wish you a lot of luck!

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