Spring Online Intensive 2023 by RMB
POSTED ON27.03.2023
Attention! Last chance to sign up for the Spring Online Intensive, April 10th-15th.
We have two last places for students aged 12-14 at intermediate level.
The program is developed exclusively by the RMB team and consists of Classical Dance, Point / Vertical Technique, Repertoire, Interpretation, Character, Contemporary Dance.

You'll train with superstar ballet teachers:
  • Tatiana Sevostianova (Kvasova) - current teacher and General Methodist of the Eifman Ballet Academy;
  • Anna Podlesnaya - current teacher at the Eifman ballet Academy;
  • Dmitry Shevtsov - current teacher at the Balet Academy;
  • Polina Rassadina - current teacher of the Vaganov Academy;
  • Roman Petukhov - current professor of the Boris Eifman Dance Academy and Mikhailovsky Theater, graduated as a professor and artist by the Vaganova academy;
  • Alexander Omar - current teacher of interpretation classes from Vaganova Academy and Mikhailovsky Theater soloist;
  • Anton Valdbauer - contemporary choreographer, former soloist Royal Swedish Ballet.

This is a unique opportunity to learn and correct yourself with such wonderful top ballet teachers in the world without leaving home.

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