Anna Podlesnaya
POSTED ON21.11.2019
Anna Podlesnaya, formed by Ludmila Safronova, one of the last students of Agrippina Vaganova, after whom the Academy of Russian ballet was named

Continuity in classical ballet is great significance: slightly change the angle of the leg, the position of the wrist and the general appearance of the dancer will change, the symbolism embedded in the dance will change. The technique of future dancers largely depends on the quality of explanations and presentation of materials. Agrippina Vaganova knew about this, therefore, with assiduity work on her technique, and then on the education of her students.

Podlesnaya represents the St. Petersburg school in its purest form, her is rightly called the "granddaughter of Vaganova."

A delicate and intelligent person in life, in the classroom she is full of passion and shows all combinations with enthusiasm, unimaginable accuracy and dexterity of movements, in order later to demand it from students. Clarity and perfectionism are her main strengths. She will never leave work unfinished with her students. Anna Podlesnaya aims to pupils' perfection.

You can meet and take the classes of Anna Podlesnaya on our courses in winter or in summer classes in Alicante and Istanbul.

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