Ariadna Piankova - RMB and Vaganova student
POSTED ON24.04.2023
Ariadna Piankova @arinapiankova is our student for many years. Now she study at Vaganova Academy and passes exams there. We are so proud of you, Ariadna!

Repost of wonderful words by Ariadna 2 years ago.

"Today is the first day of RMB online 2020. I am so happy to take part in my 6th RMBC Russian Masters really helps me to keep my body in shape gives me a wonderful opportunity to try so many different styles of dancing like : character dance contemporary and acting, and also gives a chance to improve my English by talking and communicating with interesting people from all over the world. First time I visited RMBC when I was 7 years old and since that time I enjoy it every year. RMBC is the best ballet camp in the world!!!"

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