RMB masterclass by Mrs. Asiya Lukmanova in NDA
POSTED ON14.09.2023
An Exclusive RMB masterclass at the Nacho Duato Academy @nachoduatoacademy will be held by Mrs. Asiya Lukmanova @asia_lukmanova on September 23 with the opportunity to AUDITION for the RMB Winter Intensive Course.

Mrs. Asiya Lukmanova, director of the RMB, world best ballet intensive courses based on Vaganova methodology and conducted by the current and licensed teachers from the legendary Vaganova Academy.

Mrs. Asiya Lukmanova graduated summa cum laude from the Vaganova Academy as a teacher and has a lot of experience in teaching dancers of different levels and absolutely different age. All her masterclasses based only on the outstanding Vaganova method of education.

Former soloist of the St Petersburg Ballet Theatre K. Tachkin, Mrs. Asiya Lukmanova knows what it means to lead the performance and to dance the principal roles as Kitri in “Don Quixote”. She shares all her experience as a strong dancer and qualified ballet master in her masterclasses. The students don’t want her lessons to be finished, because of Mrs. Asiya way of teaching - nice and gentle from one side, but demanding and diligent from the other.

We welcome students aged 11 - 15 years old to join Mrs. Asyia Lukmanova masterclass on September 23. As an extra option for everyone will be the opportunity to pass auditions for the RMB Winter Intensive course, which will be held in Madrid, 26 December - 6 January.

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