POSTED ON31.05.2017
Svetlana Efimova, graduated with honors in Vaganova, has been awarded as a teacher with the most prestigious prizes of teaching in Russia: Winner of the "Best Teacher of Complementary Education" Prize by the City of St. Petersburg (2012), Winner of the Competition of Educational Achievements (2012) and a long etcetera.

Svetlana graduated with honors at the Vaganova Academy as an artist and teacher. She was a soloist at the Russky Ballet theater (St. Petersburg), a ballet dancer at the St. Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Georgy Aleksidze, danced at the Maliy Ballet of the Mariinsky Theater and then until 2008 she worked in Ballet Theater of Konstantin Tachkin in St. Petersburg.

Since 2008 Svetlana has been a teacher and tutor in the cradle of classical ballet, St. Petersburg, where she has acquired an extensive pedagogical practice as well as a vast experience in didactic methods.

RMBC-2016 students remember her as a teacher with an exquisite, sweet and inspirational way of teaching, so we are very happy to work with Svetlana in 2017.

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