POSTED ON15.03.2018
After verifying the official lists we have 10 scholarship students and winners of the 26 scholarship applicants and 13 students who reached the finals and semi-finals. Russian Masters makes history in the most important contest. An achievement that speaks of the quality and good work of our students, to whom we wish the best.


1. Julia Ibañez, finalist winner of the 3rd prize and several Scholarships: English National Ballet School, Antwerp and Berlin,

2. Ingrid Tapias, finalist and winner of the 2nd prize in category B

3. Natalia Escotto (Mexico), finalist and Scholarship for Vienna,

4. Ainhoa ​​Segrera, finalist and scholarship for Zurich,

5. Cynthia Virginia Martinez, finalist and scholarship for Vienna,

6. Lara Yalcin (Turkey), finalist and scholarship holder for Berlin,

7. Nicolás Pérez Ruiz, semi-finalist and scholarship for English National Ballet School.

8. Lily Rose Mansfield, finalist and scholarships from Antwerp, Berlin and Munich,

9. Violeta Mínguez, finalist and Antwerp scholarship,

10. Carolina Costa, semi-finalist and one year scholarship Austria


1. Xiao Marien Ortega finalist,

2. Sofía Garrido finalist,

3. Sara Dos Remedios finalist,

4. Carolina Buisac Semi finalist

5. Plains Igualada Semi finalist

6. Ayelén Baixauli Semi finalist

7. Fernando Rois Carroceda semi finalist,

8. Valeria García del Castillo semi finalist,

9. Jaume Botella semi finalist

10. Ayelén Baixauli semi finalist,

11. Andrea Castillo Semi finalist

12. Marta Rubio semi finalist

13. Karen Pérez Salcedo semi finalist,

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