POSTED ON17.07.2017
The artistic director of the Staatliche Ballettschule Berlin, D. Marek Rozyski, recently arrived from Korea and renouncing numerous commitments, chose Russian Masters among all the intensives worldwide for a private audition. He was well surprised when he checked the level: "I am quite tired of seeing similar projects that only seek profit and where there is nothing that the students can take advantage of. I believe that your professional work is unique today, the highest level and professional commitment of your project is comparable to the best ballet schools in the world. "

After a strict private audition, we chose 12 students who have the almost assured future as the German government is a pioneer in supporting this type of art and will grant them all, as well as help them in the future to find a good company that hire according to the specialized critics we position ourselves as the best platform for talent in the field of classical ballet in Europe.

Congratulations to the whole team and above all to our leader Asia Lukmanova for turning so many dreams into realities once again.

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