POSTED ON10.07.2018
All students of the Open Professional groups will have the opportunity to show their work to the public in a ballet Gala held at the Auditori El Campello.The scenic practice is very important for the proper training of a dancer and in Russian Masters we know it well, that is the reason why we want all our students to be able to get on stage and let us share in the results of their effort.

Parents will be able to see an open class of their children before the show.

At the end of the gala at 3:00 pm, parents who wish can have a brief report directly from their child's teacher during the course. They can consult doubts and it can help each student to be aware of their current level and future possibilities, advised by great experts in the training of professional dancers. This brief meeting will be in the Auditori El Campello.

Date: 21th of July at 1:00 pm

Place: Casa de la Cultura – Auditori El Campello

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