POSTED ON11.01.2023
Our partner of Vaganova Academy Online Intensive and RMB winter intensive course European Dancewear brand Ballet Rosa @ballet.rosa raffled off a prize among the students. The winners became:
They were the most active in Instagram posts with Ballet Rosa @ballet.rosa tags and won gift vouchers. It was unexpectedly and brought New Year mood and joy.

New ambassadors are also coming. Our marvellous partner Ballet Papier @balletpapier announced the winners of the RMB winter intensive courses. New ambassadors of the unique Spanish brand became:
Our congratulations to the girls and gratitude for being active at classes and in Instagram as well.

But dear friends, students. There is also a last chance to register for auditions and get gifts (scholarships) from us! Auditions which will be held on 14 and 15 January. They will be online.

Online group auditions will take place as a part of a 2 hour master class conducted by an RMB teacher.
At the end of the auditions we will give several scholarships to the best participants.

  • Boys will be awarded:
5 scholarships with 100% payment for the Summer intensive course,
3 scholarships with 50% payment for the Summer intensive course,
plus several scholarships with partially paid Summer intensive course.

  • Girls will be awarded several scholarships, paid in whole or in part at the Summer intensive course, depending on the level of preparation and talent of the student.
Registration form is on website:

Good luck!

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