Sylvie Guillem in Grand Pas Classique
POSTED ON14.05.2021
We’re sure you have seen the magnificent Grand pas Classique set to Daniel Auber’s music: it’s often performed at various competitions and gala concerts.

Let’s get familiar with its choreographer, Victor Gzovsky.
He was born in Russia and studied ballet in St Petersburg under the famous Mariinsky ballerina Evgenia Sokolova.

In 1925, he left for Berlin, but later moved to France and after WWII he even held a post of the ballet master at the Paris Opera. In the 1950s – 1970s, Gsovsky worked in Munich, Dusseldorf and Hamburg, where he staged a number of productions.

Nevertheless, his most known piece is the pas de deux he created in 1949 for his student Yvette Chauviré and her partner Vladimir Skouratoff. Later, Yvette Chauviré coached the magnificent Sylvie Guillem, whose interpretation now seems iconic, don’t you think?

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