Ilyia Osipov
POSTED ON25.02.2016
Iliya has been the soloist of the prestigious Eifman Ballet theatre from 2004 to 2011. From 2011 up to 2014 he has worked as a soiloist in the famous Jacobson Theatre in St. Petersburg, Russia.He graduated as an artist and after as a teacher at the Vaganova Academy.
The list of his repertoire is very long and diverse.He danced principal parts in classical ballets as Swan Lake and Giselle to neoclassical of Boris Eifman.
During Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2016 Iliya Osipov will work with semi-profesional groups and will give classes of flex.

The list of his repertoire is very long and diverse. Here are just to mention some of them:
Alexei in “Karamazovs”
Pavel in “Russian Hamlet or The Son of Catherine the Great”
Molier in “Don Juan or Molier”
Jew in “ Mi Jerusalem”
The Young Man in “Rekvium”
Chaikovsky, The Prince, The Young Man, Joker inn “Chaikovsky”
Gamache in “Don Quijote”
Rotbart, Spanish & Hungary dance in “The Swan Lake”
Hans in “Gisele”
“Daphnis and Chloe”
Miniatures of Yakobson (“Country Don Juan”, “Sekstet”)
“Eternal Idol” from the cicle of miniatures “Roden”
Soloist in “Collision”
Soloist in “Iberia”
and many others

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