POSTED ON05.02.2019
United States, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Venezuela, etc..
Nearly 100 talents illuminated Madrid from the inside out. An authentic world ballet festival that ended in celebration, above all due to the high level of acceptance to the course and scholarships received. We have seen a lot of light coming from the depths of many hearts, a promise that never disappoints, an eternal love for ballet. The essence of each dream, the sincere desire that develops in a professional world that far from competing, cooperates. How wonderful it has been to contemplate how these promises delivered the best of themselves to ballet. How much these great beings encapsulated in children's bodies have taught us. The authentic teacher is the one who achieves real feedback with the student, in which, sometimes, nobody believes. We want to be always as they have taught us in this day, honest, sincere, loyal and fighters. What else could we ask for?

Thank you for allowing us to help, this is our dream come true. Russian Masters.

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