Olga Rozanova
POSTED ON13.11.2019
Olga Rozanova is a lecturer in theoretical disciplines: the history of ballet, ballet criticism, ballet composition, analysis of the ballet performance. Olga Rozanova conducts according to her own programs.

Olga Rozanova gives a lot of effort to popularize professional and amateur choreography, gives public lectures, holds master classes, is a member of the jury of many competitions, and an honored guest of dance festivals.

The expression of dance in verbal form is a problem of criticism. Talk about the movement so that others who have not watched its performance can see it. This is talent.

This woman is one of the few in the world who can outline the dance in wordy form. She is the participant of russian and international scientific symposia. Her scientific works and reviews published in Europe and the USA (in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German). She is a formerly dancer, teacher and choreographer. She knows the profession from the inside.

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