POSTED ON21.05.2020

On the today’s stage, the world has become an empty theater. From Russian Masters we want to focus on the glass that is half full, knowing that in this life everything is phases and it is about looking at the race in the long term.

Let's be like ballet has always taught us, light and flexible to fly over any circumstances, and analyze from above and with perspective to make the right choice. Let's be like ballet, firm and bold to endure all the jumps and falls, errors and hits.

Unfortunately, due to the situation and impossibility to travel, we do not believe that we can offer the courses in Alicante and Saint Petersburg with the magic and quality that is usual for RMBC. We think that exposing our students to any risk is not worth it under any circumstances. For this reason, we are going to postpone the courses in Alicante and Saint Petersburg to 2021. There may be a possibility to offer a smaller alternative and safe live camp for local students this summer, in this case we will send you additional information on June, 15.

However, we offer two new options that we sincerely believe can help our students continue training with the Russian Masters’ team and its quality. The entire team has worked countless hours to develop new programs, including Official Vaganova Academy Online Intensive and exclusive author Russian Masters Online Intensive, that with no doubt will be the most professional online ballet programs, and we want you to be the first ones to know about it.

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