teachers are out stars
POSTED ON10.12.2019
Real stars are our teachers. They are in the shade, but without them, there would be nothing.

The staff has 30+ #teachers. The base is constantly updated.
What does a good teacher mean? A good teacher owns the methodology, uses the properties of his temperament to the benefit of the case, knows how to convey information, show and clearly explains, inspired and interested in your success.

Here is an incomplete list of our heroes: Tatiana Sevostianova (Kvasova), Galina Enikeeva, Margarita Kullik, Lyubov Kunakova, Elena Alkanova, Andrey Yermolenkov, Mikhail Sivakov, Polina Rassadina, Alexander Omar, Tatiana Cherkashina, Anna Podlesnaya, Yuliya Kasenkova and many others.

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