Remarks NEW ballet generations
POSTED ON06.02.2020
Remarks from greatest elderly ballerina Lyubov Kunakova to NEW ballet generations.

“50 years ago ballerinas not artificially stretched, we didn’t even have the leg-split, we danced according to our nature, and not contrary to it, so we could dance until 50-60 years old.

We worked on the expressiveness of the dance, on its purity, on the actor’s filling, but at the same time, we always complied with the classical canons: straight hips, straight knees, ribs in, we didn’t lean on the big toe ... We held the base, the frame: two straight shoulders, two straight hips.

And now, many girls do not hold the foundation: wishing to lift their leg higher (this is fashionable), they bend, bend. And all this, of course, does not pass unnoticed for the body.

I want to wish the girls to think more about the simple basic rules that underlie our art. And I want everyone to maintain their health and be able to dance as long as possible.”

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