POSTED ON20.11.2023
Very often you ask what is the best color to wear to a ballet audition?

We recommend to avoid bright-colored leotards, pants and long skirts.
Try to choose plain clothes without prints. Elegant style is preferable. Stick with neutral or subtle colours, like pink, white, black, or grey.
And of course don’t forget your smile and confidence.

Our Audition tour dates for Summer intensive:
• Live auditions:
- 13, 14 January (Coimbra, Portugal)
- 20 January (Madrid, Spain)
- 26 January (Brussel, Belgium)

• Online group auditions:
- 20, 21 January

• Audition by video and individual online audition are also available.

For more info, please, visit our website: https://russianmastersballet.com/courses/summer-intensives/

Our team is happy to help: intensive@russianmastersballet.com

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