Russian Masters Ballet in Brussels
POSTED ON08.12.2015
It’s official, thanks to the countless requests and support of great professionals, Russian Masters will be held in the European capital from 2 to 7 November, with the intention to develop and share all the tradition of Russian ballet using the Vaganova method provide an excellent experience and achieve faster and get full growth.

We will have our three best teachers: Dª.Tatiana sevastianova (Kvasova), principal tutor for more than 25 years of ballet Eiffman, currently principal tutor of ballet Jacobson.
Ms Galina Enikeeva, principal and head of studies at the Vaganova Academy teacher.
Ms. Asia Lukmanova, professor formed with honors in Vaganova, director of Russian Masters and responsible for the success of countless students. More teachers will be confirmed later.
Due to lack of space and limited class sizes for quality reasons many places are limited. Selection will be made by video to:

Former students only need to reserve a place, is not necessary AUDITION. This is only for new students.
We wait for you with the same enthusiasm and energy that always in the “Studio 52 Dance Academy”, 52 rue César Franck, 1050 Ixelles, Belgique .

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