POSTED ON19.12.2017
From July 2 to 22 in Alicante (Spain) Following the same philosophy, we have expanded our professional network reaching other continents in order to extend the way to more students to make them see that in Russian Masters everything is possible. Proof of this is the growing number of students who, after passing through our intensive course, are already shining in the best schools and ballet companies in the world, among them, Raul Ferreira, Hugo Martínez, Jorge Palacios, Evgeniya Victory González, Aylin Önder, Moisés Romero, Valentina Guerra, Lucía Alfaro, and many more.
As every year we will distribute a considerable amount in scholarships for all those who attend the auditions in Spain and America. We continue with our credo: professionalism can transcend profit. The students deserve a quality education, whatever their social or economic situation, as well as an honest professional opinion and assessment. We will once again put everything on our part so that under the direction of the most illustrious representatives of Vaganova methodology, our students optimize their skills, receive the best personal treatment and have new opportunities for their professional future.

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