POSTED ON31.05.2017
We continue to demonstrate our commitment to the future of our students. The prestigious State School of Berlin (Staatliche Ballettschule of Berlin), undoubtedly one of the best in Europe and the famous Ballet Yakobson in St. Petersburg, will be the first to select pupils and dancers at Russian Masters Ballet Camp 2017. And to give them a grant in necessary case. Unprecedented news in the world of ballet intensives, where we continue to be pioneers. Our high level of commitment to the excellence and professionalism of our team has opened unprecedented doors for our students and this is another wonderful news that promises to make many dreams come true. We are not only a reference in intensives in the professional scene, now officially, we are also the first ballet launcher in Spain, limited to all our students and at no cost to them.

Because we believe that true elite training is one that provides real professional opportunities to continue progressing. Because the best schools and ballet companies in the world trust our professional judgment. That is why we have closed exclusive agreements so that the artistic directors of the great ballet schools of the scene come to select pupils and, if necessary, to support them, thus being able to opt for a bright future. In addition, for the students already prepared, there will be exclusive auditions for prestigious ballet companies, because when the right moment arrives in the training of every dancer, the stage is his best teacher.
RUSSIAN MASTERS BALLET CAMP, we reach you where only ballet can.

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