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POSTED ON12.05.2021
Our goal is to make your path to the professional ballet as easy as possible. We do everything to connect you with the best ballet teachers in the world and for you to have unique opportunity to study directly with the high level ballet professionals.

To achieve our goal we renovated our website!

Now the navigation became really easy and understandable for everyone.

We are proud of the possibility for the students from all over the world to join our courses. You speak different languages. To make it convenient to communicate with us and to easily read the information on our website we decided to make the content in three languages.

languages are available on our website.

Follow our official website:
- Easy navigation,
- Trilingual content,
- Fresh information,
- Simple contact forms.

In the photo
Ella Persson @persson_ella
Ivan Zaytsev @zaytsev_ivan_ballet @ballet_workshop_zaytsev_ivan

Photo by Sergey Scherbakov @scherbakov.foto

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