Saint Petersburg: World capital of dance
POSTED ON28.09.2018
Known by many as the cultural capital of Russia, St. Petersburg is the world capital of classical dance on its own merits, since it has been the cradle of the great legends that forged the development of this noble art, such as A. Vaganova, R Nureyev, M. Baryshnikov, A. Pavlova, M. Kshesinskaia and etc., without forgetting the extensive history of the city itself, which have forged a profound and unrepeatable cultural atmosphere in the history of humanity where the different artistic manifestations coexist in a unique symbiosis, dance being the great protagonist.
Undoubtedly, this city offers a unique didactic environment full of history, knowledge that will elevate the motivation and inspiration of any student and lover of ballet. An experience that our students of “Saint Petersburg Ballet Experience” will live rubbing shoulders with the highest artistic circles of the city and discovering discover the heart of Russian dance by the hand of its leading exponents like LEONID SARAFANOV AND OLESYA NOVIKOVA.

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