Nil Fimia Vila - RMB student
POSTED ON01.02.2024
Choosing ballet path means working hard, means being persistent, being passionate about your choice.

Russian Masters Ballet always try to encourage young talents and help you in any possible way.
During the Winter course in Madrid we provided several scholarships. The best hard-working students received 50% or 25% discounts for our Summer courses 2024.

We are pleased to announce their names.
50% discount received:
Nil Fimia Vila
Mary Faith Hammontree
Mateo Kugler
Corentin Lehebel-Cornelsen

25% discount received:
Noe Calleja Pascual
Sophie Choi
Benedetta Carrara
Noemie Raboud
Maria Lujan Godoy Bustos
Maximo Serrano
Bianca Martinis
Florentina Truempler

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