Anna Ol - ballet star
POSTED ON22.05.2023
Anna Ol @anna.ol_ballerina is a magnificent dancer who will dance at the Gala de la Stars in Alicante on July 22. Anna Ol has come a long way to become principal dancer of the National Ballet of the Netherlands, but it looks as if she had a ballet fairy as patron.

She had an appetite for the stage at age 5 and began her ballet training at age 10. The dancer still remembers her entrance to ballet school as one of the brightest moments of her childhood. Then came the awards in contests, essays, new roles and new theaters: Krasnoyarsk, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Amsterdam. And a huge workload that it all required.

Yet Anna is a dancer who reminds us that ballet is not a sport. Flawless technique dancer, proves ballet is more than work. Anna has a magnetic stage presence and magical charisma: her interpretations of Nikiya and Cinderella make your heart go upside down. We are proud to collaborate with the beautiful dancer and we are sure that her attitude towards the art of ballet needs to be learned.

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