POSTED ON19.12.2017
A real privilege to have the teaching staff of this category. Students who opt for the RMBC WINTER will have the opportunity to learn from the most outstanding figures in ballet didactics worldwide:

MRS.TATIANA SEVOSTIANOVA (KVASOVA): our most illustrious teacher, often proclaimed the living legend of the world of ballet. For more than 25 years she was the main tutor of the famous Eifman Ballet, a teacher who forged great stars such as Vera Arbuzova, Natalia Osipova, Nina Zmievets, Svetlana Bednenko and other soloists from great theaters such as Eifman Ballet, Mikhailovsky Theater and Yacobson Ballet.

MRS. ELENA KUKSEVA: will teach Character Dance in our course. Graduated as a teacher at the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy, in St. Petersburg, Russia. Ms. Kukseva was one of the best dancers of this style in her time and nowadays she has an extensive teaching experience that our students can benefit from.
MRS. ASIYA LUKMANOVA: graduated summa cum laude at the Rudolf Nureev Ballet Academy, former principal of the Ballet Theater of St. Petersburg. She is a licensed professor with honors at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. Currently Ms. Lukmanova is director of the Russian Masters Ballet Camp project.

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