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That the most influential figures in the world of ballet opt each year for us, says it all. Her outstanding position and international prestige is able to help us to open countless doors in the world of professional ballet for our students. Galina entered the history of ballet, being a direct disciple of NATALIA DUDINSKAYA and IRINA TROFIMOVA, having graduated "Summa cum laude" from Vaganova and considered one of the best living representatives of the original tradition of the Russian method.

Brief details of her curriculum:
Galina Enikeeva is a brilliant representative of the St. Petersburg School, educated in the best traditions of academic dance.

Upon graduating with honors (summa cum laude) she finished her specialization courses with Natalia Dudinskaya and Irina Trofimova at the Vaganova Ballet Academy. She worked as a principal soloist in the Choreographic Miniatures Theater of Leonid Jacobson, an exceptional choreographer and, in his time, principal choreographer of the KirovTheater (now Mariinsky). With the company Galina danced around the world with overwhelming success.

In 1998, she graduated as a classical ballet teacher from the Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet. And already for more than 14 years she is the main teacher in the Vaganova Academy. Since then she has acquired a vast practice in pedagogy as well as in the didactic method in all its extension.

Currently, she teaches at the Academy of Vaganova, basically at the elementary and intermediate levels. Moreover, she also gives drama classes for children in the Mariinsky Theater.

She has taught numerous Master Classes in Japan, Denmark, Italy, UK and other countries.

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