Samuel Morris
POSTED ON14.02.2020
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Message from Stephen and Wipawee Morris (parents of Samuel Morris):

"Thank you so much for making this amazing experience for all of us, I am so happy we could all participate, but especially for Samuel. This was above and beyond anything we anticipated, even with all of the information we had from Kian's mom Caroline.

Sam mentioned to us that you had asked him about the summer and that he declined to participate this year. Technically Sam is not supposed to train with anyone but his teacher Nikolai Kabaniaev and we asked for his approval to attend the Winter experience.

It has been Samuel's dream to attend the Vaganova Ballet Academy for a long time and when he saw one of his best friends Kian do this very thing, he thought this might be possible.

Sam feels he is a little young right now, respect his teacher very much, and after this experience feels he knows what he needs to work on for the next year. He had a lot of inspiration from his time with you. We will certainly be back again next winter and at that point, if the summer of the following year is still possible, I think that is a consideration he will make.

On our last day before we left, Sam told me that this was a life-changing experience for him, THANK YOU!"

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