Vaganova Academy Residence

Pravda Street, 3
St. Petersburg, Russia, 191002
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Vaganova Academy Residence

Official supervised accomodation and free time activities.
The building that will house the course is an historical residence for students of Vaganova Ballet Academy, recently renovated, offers a unique opportunity to live and study in same place as the greatest artists done before. The students will stay in the same building in which classes are taught, located in the heart of Saint Petersburg and just 10 minutes away from the emblematic and traditional facilities of the Vaganova Academy on Rossi street. Our innovative program aims to combine the most excellent dance training and the cultural and artistic enrichment in an environment which is exceptional for dance. For this, the daily ballet classes taught by the best teachers of Vaganova, Mariinsky and Mikhailovsky, are combined with a wide and varied range of both leisure and cultural activities.

●         2-4 persons per room 
●         Refrigerator
●         Spacious, complete bathroom
●         Common kitchen
●         Wi-Fi in common areas
●         Security personnel

●         Accommodation
●         Full board
●         Responsible bilingual tutors 24 hours
●         1 entrance to Mariinsky or Mikhailovsky theatres performance, depending on classes schedule
●         Complete, professional program of leisure activities
●         Cultural touristic program

"Saint Petersburg Ballet Experience" by Russian Masters offers to look inside the most beautiful city in Russia, we invite you 
to discover the heart of Russian dance by the hand of its leading exponents personalities. St. Petersburg opens a curtain to 
unique environment full of knowledge and inspiration to any student that’s why Russian Masters Ballet in collaboration with 
the best art historians and classical dance experts has developed a cultural program in order to acquire a professional approach 
to the history of dance impossible for any tourist and even resident of the city.

3 weeks: 990 € (June 30 – July 21)

1.       Request a place from VAGANOVA ACADEMY SUMMER PROGRAM in St.Petersburg in our Registration form.
2.       After our approval make 1st payment of 50% of the residence cost within 7 days after your place confirmation.
3.       Second payment for the accommodation must be done before April 30 on bank account or paid in cash on the day of arrival.

Airport transfer is available for unaccompanied students only.
One-way standard transfer for 1 person - 20 €
One-way authorized pick-up (pre-approved person requested by an airline) -  40 €
Extra Lunch.