Vaganova Academy

Rossi str., 2
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Vaganova Academy, San Petersburgo

Throughout its history, the Vaganova Ballet Academy has endeavored to preserve and enhance the best traditions of the classical heritage. The Academy is justly renowned for its excellence, and international dignitaries, celebrities and royalty make a point of visiting the Academy when they visit St. Petersburg. Among those are: Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II, Princess Margaret and Prince Michael, Queen Beatrix of Netherlands, Queen Silvia of Sweden, Grand Duchess Leonida, Prince Golitsin and Count Vasilchikov.

As an official Vaganova Academy course, all the programs of Russian Masters Ballet in Saint Petersburg take place at Vaganova Academy main building on Rossi str. and/or at the Residence building on Pravdy str.
It´s a great privilege to practice and live in the historical buildings where all the stars of Vaganova academy were studying and residing.

All the classrooms are equipped up to the highest standards that gives an excellent opportunity not only to enjoy the awareness of greatness of the place, but also to reach perfection of dancing technique.

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