Ana Maria Espadas
Student of Russian Masters in the best school of Germany!
Once again, betting 100% on our students Russian Masters has achieve that one of our promises from 2014, Ana Maria Espadas (Spain), was accepted in the best ballet school of Germany, the state ballet school of Berlin. Also we get a scholarship from the German government for the girl to cover the expenses of the studies.

Our visionary Asia, saw something in her and told it to the parents who placed all their trust in her and in our organization.So with just a few preparatory classes and a professional video made by the same director, Ana has been accepted and is already savoring the sweet taste of dreams in Germany.

We will continue his career closely and will always be there for all students who need us. We believe this new victory speaks better than a thousand words.

Nothing makes us happier. Nothing motivates us more. Nothing can reward the effort and dedication of our team more than the success of our students. You are great.

Russian Masters, our success is yours!