Patrick Benak
One more great success of Russian Masters, we have succeeded in our student Patrick Benak's acceptance and study grant at the best ballet school in Germany.
Our effort and dedication to our students continues reporting significant success. This time our student Patrick Benak who already received a 100% Russian Masters scholarship for our intensive 2017, following our preparation as well as a personal recommendation from our director, has been accepted and awarded a scholarship in the Staatliche Ballettschule of Berlin. An unprecedented success on his way to professionalism and future recruitment by a leading ballet company.

Patrick studied in the class of our male genius Dmitry Shevtcov, who, as we said before, is able to give a masterful touch in the way of boys dancing . Dmitry had a privileged training from the hands of GENNADY ALBERT himself, who gave him a unique know-how in the world of ballet, moreover, Dmitry has been able to enhance it with his personal skills and a gift for truly exclusive training. From Dmitry's male technique class at the Russian Masters 2016, we have already been able to place two, Jorge Palacios ( a 100% scholarship holder for RMBC 2016) at the prestigious Vaganova Academy, undoubtedly the best ballet school in the world, and Patrick, who, also being given a 100% scholarship, has been accepted for Staastliche Ballettschule in Berlin. When the facts speak so clearly, it is better to keep silent. Thank you, Asia and Dmitry, for continuing to make dreams come true.

Congratulations, Patrick, and a very special hug for our director Asia Lukmanova, who only a few days before giving birth, continues to work hard every day for all of you.