Our student Raúl Ferreira enters the ballet history in Spain becoming a first spanish dancer to begin his ballet race in the first company of the prestigious ballet Mariinsky.
Our happiness grows exponentially, thanks this time, to our beloved pupil, tutored and sponsored by our guru and director, Asiya Lukmanova.
Raúl has been the first Spanish to be hired as a fixed staff member of the first company of one of the best ballet theaters in the world, The Mariinsky Theater. This is his first contract and it is a real milestone. We remember that we helped Raúl to accede to the Vaganova Academy and his effort and dedication in the cathedral of the ballet have taken to him to kiss the sky once more, this time he will be able to shine in the scenes of the whole world next to the best stars that, no doubt, will see him become an equal. We leave the emotive words of his mother to our leader Asiya:

"Two years ago, my son Raúl Ferreira (age 17) participated in the Russian Masters Ballet course in Alicante, Spain.

The excellence in teaching and his progress during the classes given by exceptional teachers encouraged him to continue his education in the country which is a world reference in classical dance, Russia.

The director of the course suggested him to study in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg. There he has been rigorously preparing with the best and only teachers of classical dance method "Vaganova" until the present time (age 19).

The result has been extremely gratifying. Raúl has been selected to form part of the company in the prestigious, internationally recognized ballet "Mariinski Ballet" in St. Petersburg. His dream has come true. His determination, work, order, method, discipline and commitment to the passion that dance generates in him have contributed to this achievement. However, none of this would have been possible without the invaluable support and help of a person who believes in beauty and discovers it in those who possess it to make it visible to the world, Asiya Lukmanova, director of Russian Masters Ballet, who with her vital energy, demanding professionalism, inexhaustible creativity, ability to work and love for dance makes it possible for young generations of classical dancers to raise the flame of the beauty of classical dance and make it shine ever stronger wherever they go. Thank you, Asiya, thank you Russian Masters Ballet, you have made, are making and will continue to make a difference."