for students of Russian Masters 2014!

After the 2014 event, many of the participants were awarded scholarships for our 2015 Russian Masters.

We love to help you realize your dreams, so besides scholarships for 2015, and to reward ALL particpantes 2014, the organization has decided to offer an exclusive discount of 25% for those students who formalize their book before March 10. Unpublished gift that shows our sincere fondness for all angelic students who delighted us with his presence in the Spanish edition of Russian Masters 2014.

As for the woodcock with 50% of the full course of three weeks 2015, we have:
Alisa Uzunova (Belgium), Eva Gonzalez (Spain) and Gaia Foglini (Italy). We saw all their hard work everyday and sincere love for this noble art that is ballet, reaching change homes, living away from family and friends … all to pursue his dream and fight for it. Congratulations.

A part of our student with 100% of Russian Ballet Masters Camp 2015, Ana María Espadas. Dedicated and promising.