POSTED ON25.02.2021
Evgeniya Victory Gonzalez @evgeniyavictorygonzalez demi soloist at Czech National Ballet, was born in Saint Petersburg and she studied ballet at the Royal Swedish Ballet School in Stockholm. Her ballet journey began when she was a little girl and saw the magical ballet Swan Lake. This opened her love for ballet.

Evgeniya was a student of ours during the very first year Russian Masters was born and was one of the first promoted students of RMB.

After finishing in the Royal Swedish Ballet School she made an audition in the Mariinsky Theatre with the support of RMB. She was selected in the company, where she danced for two years, and made several soloist roles.

She also worked in the Bavarian State Ballet and since the last two years she has been working in the Czech National Ballet, where she is performing more and more important roles: last October she had her première in the principal role of Odette/Odile in the Swan Lake, the ballet that made her want to become a ballerina.

One of the best memories she has from her passing through Russian Masters was preparing the final gala of the course with her teacher’s class Tatiana Alekseevna Kvasova who was “a very energetic, sunny and hard working person and teacher. So much knowledge she gave us all and treated each of us so precious and kindly. I could feel how much I improved and grew professionally for those three weeks of the summer school. Energy of a teacher matters a lot, I can truly say.”

Evgeniya encourages young ballet students to “give your 150% (or even more) on classes and rehearsals, listen to all corrections from all the teachers and correct them as fast as possible” in order to succeed.

We would like to conclude with the beautiful and encouraging words of Evgeniya addressed to young training dancers.

We quote her here: “You are you. Do not compare yourself to others and do not compete with others. We are all different and we are all unique in our own way. If you have a goal, focus and work wisely on yourself. Also remember that it takes time and that nothing comes easily. But once you believe in yourself, you will see how much you will and can achieve.”




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