For what's, the jury pays attention during the audition.

Of course, the first thing is an appearance. Clothes should emphasize the advantages and not hide the figure. Do not wear heavy pants or warm-up, the shoes for girls shouldn’t be black. This is not respect for the ballet and a jury. Imagine this is an exam at a ballet school.

We are all not perfect: someone has a worse stretch, someone - low jump, but this is not a reason to relax and be inattentive. Keep attention to the structure of the combinations. If you have received a comment - immediately correct yourself, show the jury that you understood. Try to do combinations musically, dance all the time as you on a stage.

Do not hide. If 50 people in the class and you are always behind, you may not be seen. More self-confidence, don’t give yourself time to doubt. As a rule, they choose not ideal ones, but confident, musical and quick-witted pupils.

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