The next summer intensive will again have exceptional workshops by the hand of our dear Ieva Immerteija. The previous courses her workshops for professional tiaras were a real success, and in many cases students asked us for more workshops. In Russian Masters we think that the best training must be integral, therefore we will increase the variety of themes of the workshops, so that our students can make the most of the knowledge of an expert of the Immertreija level.

The Russian Masters students have all these workshops included in the course activities. Later we will inform about those workshops that will be open to the public.

About the biography of Ieva Immertreija:

She has work as costume designer for operas, theaters and ballets, children's games, operetta theater and musicals, and owner of the brand "Ieva". She has been a solo dancer of the dance company "Liesma" for 16 years and is graduated in classical ballet pedagogy as well as in history of Russian classical ballet by the Vaganova Academy. She also has a degree as costume designer and has worked as a choreographer, so she knows everything about ballet costumes from different angles: as a dancer, as a designer and as a choreographer.

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