Taking as a basis the quality of our intensives, the prestigious Vaganova Ballet Academy has decided to name us an authorised official course. It rewards our effort, dedication and commitment to excellence in ballet. We are making history once again by demonstrating that with us you can, surpassing the most rigorous standards of the world of ballet. This is an unprecedented recognition which shows that when you go beyond profit and only look for quality and a job well done, a success is a matter of time. From the National Association of Professional Ballet we want to thank our team for the selfless dedication to the training of each student, for the honesty and intensity of their work and for taking the dreams of our aspirants as their own, making reality and materializing the hopes of students from all over the world.  Also, we want to thank our extensive network of contacts, professionals, state schools, private companies, theaters, artistic directors, and a long list from the five continents, their unconditional support to all our projects.

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