BIG Master of the Vaganova Academy
Komolova Lyudmila, The Big Master of the Vaganova Academy

The first steps in any effort are the most difficult and responsible. At this point, much depends on the teacher. His patience and instructions.
Komolova Lyudmila is based and intermediate classes teacher, who is sincerely interested in the success of her pupils and will always support, cheer up, guide and explain.

Lyudmila graduated from Vaganova Academy, and from 1968 to 1996 performed some solo parts at the Mikhailovsky theater. In 1993 she entered the Vaganova Academy at the pedagogical department. Since 1996, Lyudmila is the teacher of elementary grades at the performing department, the department of classical dance. In 2007, she was elected to the post of assistant professor of the methodology of teaching classical and duet-classical dance.

Russian Masters is pleased to be able to provide you with such a wonderful teacher at summer experience 2020.

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