We really do appreciate it. And read it attentively with a lot of excitement.

Josefina Lukasova @josefinalukasova last summer was at Russian Masters Ballet Camp. And this year she studied at Russian Masters Online Intensives. Her parents sent us her review.

“Dear RMBC,
To come to Vaganova Academy was dream come true for our Josefina. Due to Covid situation it was not possible to travel to St. Petersburg to enjoy RMBC live.
We can´t thank enough for possibility to join your exceptional ballet classes ONLINE to enable Josefina to continue her ballet training with such wonderful teachers as Tatiana Cherkashina, Polina Rassadina,
Aleksandr Omar, Elena Kukseva, Anna Podlesnaya, Aleksey Ilyin, Sofia Gumerova and Tatiana Kurenkova.

RMBC is not about dance education to pass exam. It is about sharing passion and love for
ballet through teaching perfect ballet technique.

As a mother of teenage daughter I appreciate a lot your respect for building dancer´s bodies. I admire patience of each teacher to truly and precisely explain every movement to inspire students to deeply understand fundamentals and art of dance.

Josefina is excited about care she has from each teacher. She is so happy to learn so much about movements of head, arms and every single finger, how to express her feelings through dance and so much more.

She is so grateful to have this chance to improve her ballet technique with such professional and amazing teachers.
Even in 2x2m ballet floor she has her best summer ever.

With thanks.
Jana and Josefina”

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