Abril Vidal Abril Vidal
Another student of ours manages to enter one of the prestigious European ballet schools.
Congratulations to this wonderful and dedicated student of just ten years who managed to make her dreams come true twice: first in Munich and then in Stuttgart where she will finally study. In the words of his mother:
"Last year we came to do your course and thanks to you in January she auditioned for the school of Münich and was accepted. After talking with Asia we thought it would be also a good option to try in Stuttgart since we had been told it was better school, but much more difficult to access. In March we sent the video and went to perform the tests in Stuttgart. She was accepted to start studying in September in the school John Cranko Schule.
We are very happy and deeply grateful for your support, initiative and dedication so that Abril could begin her studies at this school."

Russian Masters, to overcome the rules you must first master them.
Ana Maria Espadas Ana Maria Espadas
Student of Russian Masters in the best school of Germany!
Once again, betting 100% on our students Russian Masters has achieve that one of our promises from 2014, Ana Maria Espadas (Spain), was accepted in the best ballet school of Germany, the state ballet school of Berlin. Also we get a scholarship from the German government for the girl to cover the expenses of the studies.

Our visionary Asia, saw something in her and told it to the parents who placed all their trust in her and in our organization.So with just a few preparatory classes and a professional video made by the same director, Ana has been accepted and is already savoring the sweet taste of dreams in Germany.

We will continue his career closely and will always be there for all students who need us. We believe this new victory speaks better than a thousand words.

Nothing makes us happier. Nothing motivates us more. Nothing can reward the effort and dedication of our team more than the success of our students. You are great.

Russian Masters, our success is yours!
Angelina Karamisheva Angelina Karamisheva
Our student Angelina Karamisheva is participating in Russian TV contest of young talents "Blue Bird".
"A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement"

Our brilliant student from Vaganova Ballet Academy Angelina Karamisheva (her teacher in Academy is Galina Enikeeva, who also is our teacher) makes important little steps to her dream - now she is participating in Russian contest of young talents "Blue Bird". Angelina and Anna Sharova (both are from Vaganova Academy) performed Pizzicato from ballet "Silvia".

Congratulations, Angelina! Wish you further success.

Once more Russian Masters marks a turning point in the career of its students.
Aylin Önder came from Turkey to participate in our course last July. After passing through our auditions, she was selected to enter the State School of Berlin. The effort, talent and dedication of this magnificent student was valued by three teachers as well as the director of Russian Masters, Asiya Lukmanova, who gave Aylin all her support and recommended her to the Vaganova, most prestigious ballet academy in the world. At this time Aylin is already studying successfully in class of our illustrious teacher Elena Alcanova.
We are really happy to continue opening doors for our students so that they can continue their evolution and opt for a bright professional future.
Dali, student of Russian Masters, accesses the Vaganova Academy thanks to the help of our director Asiya Lukmanova. A new dream that is achieved.
She becomes one more of the Russian Masters pupils studying at the Vaganova Academy, making us feel tremendously proud of the merits of our students.

Dali Ni participated for the first time in Russian Masters in the year 2017 and her talent and effort earned her a 50% scholarship for the 2018 course. At the same time our director Asiya Lukmanova began to help and advise her to apply for enrolment in the Academy Vaganova, recommending her personally to the management team of this prestigious institution.

Just a few weeks ago this great promise began her studies in the best school in the world, where we wish her a great learning that with effort and perseverance will lead her to achieve her goals.
Doctors without Borders Doctors without Borders
Hundreds of people recieved help thanks to our Stars Gala!

The NGO “Doctors without Borders” (MSF) make public thanks for all the money that was collected during the benefit “Stars Gala” and was donated to their cause. They helped hundreds of people worldwide.
1,500 € made a lot for them.

We have saved lives, thanks to Alicante and all of you.

Thanks for helping us to help!!

Organization Doctors without borders


Evgeniya Victory Gonzalez Evgeniya Victory Gonzalez
We helped Evgeniya Gonzalez enter the Mariinsky Theatre.

We can finally make it official. Considered together with Mikhailovsky, THE BEST BALLET COMPANY OF THE WORLD, the Mariinsky theater, hired our student Evgeniya Victory thanks to a private audition achieved by our exceptional director Asia Lukmanova who, who supported the student before the artistic director of the company. Evgenya got this opportunity, unique in the life of any dancer and something that very few in the whole world can get (the theater and the director only for her).

"The miracle was possible thanks to Asia and the confidence and exquisite preparation received in Russian Masters" - she declared herself.

Being only 17, she signed her first contract with the best ballet company. This is what we call making dreams come true. That's what only well-developed ballet can achieve. That is why we work tirelessly to bring the bodies to the limit, to raise them beyond borders.

Congratulations, Euvgenya. Congratulations, Asia. Thanks, Russian Masters.

Another student of Russian Masters accessing the best school in the world. Eylül starts her studies in the Vaganova Academy.
Every year the list of Russian Masters students that gain access to the prestigious Vaganova Academy after their passage through our course grows. This achievement reflects that a job well done and with love is capable of reaching amazing things.

Eylül Sila will study from today in St. Petersburg, in the 3rd grade of the Vaganova Academy with the famous teacher Galina Enikeeva, also a professor of Russian Masters and one of the greatest artists' former of our times.

We wish that her effort will lead her to reach all her goals, because she is already in the right place to achieve it.

 Hugo Martínez Hugo Martínez
Our student Hugo Martínez won the 3rd prize at the Kiev Grand Prix.
We are happy to share this news about our student Hugo Martínez. Hugo is studying at Berlin State Ballet School, a prestigious school, where he entered 3 years ago with the support of Russian Masters Ballet. Last March Hugo won the 3rd prize at the Kiev Grand Prix. You can enjoy his wonderful performance in this video:

Our student Javier receives a full scholarship to study at Zurich Dance Academy. Another dream achieved with Russian Masters.
Javier Becerra, Russian Masters 2018 student, was admitted to study at the prestigious Zurich Dance Academy thanks to the private audition that his director Oliver Matz did in our summer intensive.
Mr. Matz not only was impressed with the level of the course, but he appreciated the great potential of Javier and immediately wanted to admit him into his school. Today, after having been a week of testing, we can proudly announce that Javier has received a COMPLETE SCHOLARSHIP that will cover both the studies and the stay during the entire course, which begins now in October.
From Russian Masters we want to congratulate him and wish him all the best in this new stage. We are convinced that with hard work and effort he can achieve everything that you want.
Jorge starts his dancer career at the Mariinsky Theater of Saint Petersburg.
With great happiness we announce that our student Jorge Palacios has already started his professional career, being selected as a dancer in the famous Mariinsky Ballet. Jorge began his training in Madrid, at the ballet school of Carmina Ocaña and Pablo Savoye. After participating in the Russian Masters in 2016, he was accepted at the renowned Vaganova Academy, where he completed his studies this year.

Next week he will perform for the first time at the Mariinsky Theater and from Russian Masters we want to wish him all the luck of the world in his debut. We hope he continues with this brilliant trajectory. We are very happy to see him grow and to be part of his achievements, which he has undoubtedly get thanks to his hard work.
JUL­IA MARTÍ GASULL Julia Martí Gasull
Russian Masters places another student in the best ballet school in the world: the Vaganova Academy.
After more than 25 st­udents who we helped ­to enter different sc­hools and ballet comp­anies all over the wo­rld, we continue demo­nstrating with FACTS ­that we really help s­tudents to achieve th­eir dreams. Also, the­ fact that we have al­l kinds of imitators ­coming out in differe­nt places, reminds us­ that we are going th­e right way.

This time it is our d­earest student of 201­5, 2016 and 2017 JULI­A MARTÍ GASULL, stude­nt who studied in Rus­sian Masters in the c­lass of our teacher o­f Vaganova, Elena Alk­anova. Julia is 16 ye­ars old, coming from ­Barcelona and student­ of the Institut del Teatre, who with only­ two years in our int­ensive has already ac­quired the "delicate ­touch of Vaganova". T­hanks to the support ­and contacts of our l­eader Asia Lukmanova ­and the production of­ a professional video­ by Kseniya Korobchan­skaia, she has been a­ccepted at the Vagano­va Academy in Saint P­etersburg where thous­ands of students are ­rejected every year a­nd the fact of being ­accepted is a True mi­lestone.

We believe that Julia­ has a bright future ­and we will do everyt­hing we can to help h­er; she has been an e­xemplary student and ­her hard work has rea­ped this success that­ is the beginning of ­a dream. There she wi­ll study with three o­f our students whom w­e helped to enter the­ prestigious institut­ion: Valerie Gomez de­ Cadiz, Raul Ferreira­ and Jorge Palacios. ­Congratulations, Juli­a, we love you!

Elena Alkanova: ­https://russianmastersballet.com/faculty/teachers/elena-alkanova/
Kseniya Korobchanskaya: https://russianmastersballet.com/faculty/teachers/ksenia-korobchanskaya/
Miryam Roca and Clara del Valle Miryam Roca and Clara del Valle
We share this wonderful news of two students of Russian Masters.
We share this wonderful news of two students of Russian Masters, Miryam Roca and Clara del Valle, published by the Lugo newspaper "El progreso". Both girls get a contract in important companies. We have welcomed the news of Miryam with special satisfaction because in the words of her mother "we had contributed greatly to make this possible". We wish good luck to these talented and hardworking girls who, undoubtedly, will reach the top.

The magnificent 12: previous selection in our private audition to be part of the presti­gious Berlin State School.
These are the lucky ones (except 2 absent at the photo by il­lness) who hopefully will chan­ge their destiny ris­ing to one of the be­st schools of ballet in Europe, thanks to its hard effort and to its passage thr­ough Russian Masters:

1- Moisés Romero Jar­ana, Sevilla, Profes­sional Dance Conserv­atory of Sevilla "An­tonio Ruiz Soler" Te­acher: Jose Manuel Moreno.
2- Samuel López Lega­spi: Lugo, Professio­nal Conservatory of Dance of Lugo, teach­er Begoña Acuña.
3- Pablo Polo Santia­go: Zaragoza, Conser­vatory of Zaragoza, teacher Blanca Alvar­ez.
4- Ingrid Tapias Deb­at: Barcelona, Dance School by Marisa Yu­des, teacher Marisa Yudes.
5 - Natalia Escotto Salgado, Mexico, Aca­demy of Mexican Dance of the National In­stitute of Fine Arts, teacher: Griselle Merino
6-Aylin Önder, Estambul, Turkía. Istanbul University State Conservatory , profesora Natela Arobelidze
7- Valentina Guerra, Colombia, Metropoli­tan Ballet of Medell­ín, Teacher Odalis Martinez and Sandra Diaz
8- Sara Dos Remedios. Barcelona, ​​EESA \ CPD Institut del Teatre, teacher Vicky Saiz
9- Lucia Alfaro Corc­oles, Albacete, Supe­rior Conservatory of Dance “Jose Antonio Ruiz” , teacher Dol­ores Morales
10- Michelle McCarthy (left)
11- Rebecca Cristina Rudolf, Romania, Ch­oreography Highschool Floria Capsali, te­acher Nicoleta Cocea
12- Adriana Puertolas Rojo, School of Vi­ctor Ullate Bakthi, teacher María Fernan­dez.
Patrick Benak Patrick Benak
One more great success of Russian Masters, we have succeeded in our student Patrick Benak's acceptance and study grant at the best ballet school in Germany.
Our effort and dedication to our students continues reporting significant success. This time our student Patrick Benak who already received a 100% Russian Masters scholarship for our intensive 2017, following our preparation as well as a personal recommendation from our director, has been accepted and awarded a scholarship in the Staatliche Ballettschule of Berlin. An unprecedented success on his way to professionalism and future recruitment by a leading ballet company.

Patrick studied in the class of our male genius Dmitry Shevtcov, who, as we said before, is able to give a masterful touch in the way of boys dancing . Dmitry had a privileged training from the hands of GENNADY ALBERT himself, who gave him a unique know-how in the world of ballet, moreover, Dmitry has been able to enhance it with his personal skills and a gift for truly exclusive training. From Dmitry's male technique class at the Russian Masters 2016, we have already been able to place two, Jorge Palacios ( a 100% scholarship holder for RMBC 2016) at the prestigious Vaganova Academy, undoubtedly the best ballet school in the world, and Patrick, who, also being given a 100% scholarship, has been accepted for Staastliche Ballettschule in Berlin. When the facts speak so clearly, it is better to keep silent. Thank you, Asia and Dmitry, for continuing to make dreams come true.

Congratulations, Patrick, and a very special hug for our director Asia Lukmanova, who only a few days before giving birth, continues to work hard every day for all of you.
Our student Raúl Ferreira enters the ballet history in Spain becoming a first spanish dancer to begin his ballet race in the first company of the prestigious ballet Mariinsky.
Our happiness grows exponentially, thanks this time, to our beloved pupil, tutored and sponsored by our guru and director, Asiya Lukmanova.
Raúl has been the first Spanish to be hired as a fixed staff member of the first company of one of the best ballet theaters in the world, The Mariinsky Theater. This is his first contract and it is a real milestone. We remember that we helped Raúl to accede to the Vaganova Academy and his effort and dedication in the cathedral of the ballet have taken to him to kiss the sky once more, this time he will be able to shine in the scenes of the whole world next to the best stars that, no doubt, will see him become an equal. We leave the emotive words of his mother to our leader Asiya:

"Two years ago, my son Raúl Ferreira (age 17) participated in the Russian Masters Ballet course in Alicante, Spain.

The excellence in teaching and his progress during the classes given by exceptional teachers encouraged him to continue his education in the country which is a world reference in classical dance, Russia.

The director of the course suggested him to study in Vaganova Academy in Saint Petersburg. There he has been rigorously preparing with the best and only teachers of classical dance method "Vaganova" until the present time (age 19).

The result has been extremely gratifying. Raúl has been selected to form part of the company in the prestigious, internationally recognized ballet "Mariinski Ballet" in St. Petersburg. His dream has come true. His determination, work, order, method, discipline and commitment to the passion that dance generates in him have contributed to this achievement. However, none of this would have been possible without the invaluable support and help of a person who believes in beauty and discovers it in those who possess it to make it visible to the world, Asiya Lukmanova, director of Russian Masters Ballet, who with her vital energy, demanding professionalism, inexhaustible creativity, ability to work and love for dance makes it possible for young generations of classical dancers to raise the flame of the beauty of classical dance and make it shine ever stronger wherever they go. Thank you, Asiya, thank you Russian Masters Ballet, you have made, are making and will continue to make a difference."
Rebecca enters Vaganova Academy thanks to Russian Masters!
A faithful RMB follower for years, Rebecca passed the official audition organized by RMB during the course in St. Petersburg and was accepted to Vaganova Academy thanks to her talent and support of our director Asia Lukmanova @asia_lukmanova.
The dream of her life came true.
Rebecca has been part of the RMBC family for many years and a loyal participant of all our intensive programs.

Her commitment, trust and dedication have paid off.

We wish Rebecca to continue triumphing at this new stage of her life and Vaganova's excellence to shine in her. We wish her to become the great star she is destined to be. We will always be next to our students.

Here we would like to share Rebecca’s gratitude that she wants to send to the teachers and mentors of her life:
Doina Craciun (2013-2014)
Nicoleta Cocea (2015-2017 and 2019-2020)
Cristina Mitu (2017)
Diana Mateescu (2018-2020)
Annarella Roura Sanchez (2018)
Carol Arbo (2019)
Misha Tchouplakov
Nina Ivanovich

And teachers of Russian Masters:
Tatiana Sevostianova (Kvasova)
Svetlana Efimova
Margarita Kullik

Rebecca extends the long list of students we have helped to access the best ballet schools and companies in the world. For us, deeds are better than words.

#photo @scherbakov.foto

for students of Russian Masters 2014!

After the 2014 event, many of the participants were awarded scholarships for our 2015 Russian Masters.

We love to help you realize your dreams, so besides scholarships for 2015, and to reward ALL particpantes 2014, the organization has decided to offer an exclusive discount of 25% for those students who formalize their book before March 10. Unpublished gift that shows our sincere fondness for all angelic students who delighted us with his presence in the Spanish edition of Russian Masters 2014.

As for the woodcock with 50% of the full course of three weeks 2015, we have:
Alisa Uzunova (Belgium), Eva Gonzalez (Spain) and Gaia Foglini (Italy). We saw all their hard work everyday and sincere love for this noble art that is ballet, reaching change homes, living away from family and friends … all to pursue his dream and fight for it. Congratulations.

A part of our student with 100% of Russian Ballet Masters Camp 2015, Ana María Espadas. Dedicated and promising.

Valerie Gomez de Cádiz Valerie Gomez de Cádiz
Our student Valerie Gomez de Cádiz starts her professional carrear at the Yacobson ballet theatre in Saint Petersburg.
Seeing how more and more of the students of our intensive achieve their dream of becoming professional dancers is something that makes us really happy. Our alumnus Valerie Gómez de Cádiz premiered her first important role with the Ballet Yakobson this weekend, dancing the Pas de Quatre by Leonid Yakobson.

For us this is a special new because Valerie has been with Russian Masters since our first intensive in 2014. And with the help of our director Asiya Lukmanova she managed to access the Vaganova Academy in 2015, where she finished her studies the last three years. Before this she studied at the Alicante Conservatory with Mari Carmen Serrano and at the Mariemma Conservatory in Madrid.

Now her efforts and great talent have paid off. We wish with all our hearts that you keep growing big successes. Congratulations!

Russian Masters, where dreams come true.
Valerie Gomez de Cadiz Valerie Gomez De Cadiz, Alisa Uzunova and Raul Ferreira
We helped three of our students to enter the Vaganova Academy.
Excellent news: we have helped three of our students to enter the best ballet school: VAGANOVA ACADEMY in St. Petersburg. Our stars are:

* ALISA UZUNOVA (BRUSSELS), Russian Masters 2014.
* RAUL FERREIRA (LUGO), Russian Masters 2015.

Thanks to their enormous enthusiasm, great talent and, undoubtedly, thanks to their hard work the students have achieved something that very few can boast of - get access to the best training in the noble art of classical ballet. Probably this would not have been possible without the faith of our all-powerful director ASYIA LUKMANOVA. Thank you for all your dedication and highly professional preparation; for your tips and master classes, letters of recommendations, videos, calls ... but above all, your hard work and professionalism that helped these and many other students to make their dreams come true. THANK YOU, Asyia, on behalf of the whole Russian Masters team, the students and their families.

Yaiza Toledo Yaiza Toledo
After accepting our recommendation our student Yaiza Toledo entered the PRESTIGIOUS STUTTGART BALLET.
Our exceptional student YAIZA TOLEDO, 14 years of age, began to study dance at the school PRYOREM of Alhama de Murcia with the teacher MARIOLA FUERTES. The years she passed there were very significant in the further preparation of Yaiza. She also studied at the Conservatory of Murcia and attended classes of RUSSIAN MASTERS BALLET for 2 years. Accepting our recommendation she entered the PRESTIGIOUS STUTTGART BALLET.
Congratulations, Yaiza!
We are proud to accompany you in this journey to success!